Xperia Play also has audio sync problems with video recording

We recently reported that Xperia Arc owners had been experiencing problems while recording videos on their handset. We noted that Sony Ericsson were aware of the issue and working on fixing it, as of now we’re still waiting for this fix. However it’s since been discovered that the Xperia Play also faces the same problem. After recording a short video on the Xperia Play earlier today I found the same problems that were found on the Arc were present on the Play and have been in talks with a few other Xperia Play owners who have also confirmed they have the same problems while recording video.

While this isn’t good news and isn’t a good start from Sony Ericsson’s Xperia handsets, this does confirm it isn’t an issue with the camera on the Arc, as the Play uses a different camera and doesn’t record video in HD either. Hopefully the fix that Sony Ericsson are working on will also fix the issues on the Play as well, as both handsets have the same software version.


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  • Adam

    Hmm okay. I guess that is comforting news for Play/Arc owners, that it’s a software issue and that the hardware isn’t faulty.
    I wonder if it will affect the Pro when it comes out as well.

  • patrick

    après 1 mois d’utilisation reboot en permanence et carte sd 16Go hs même sur ma tablette ou gps et en deux jours la 8 Go d’origine même jeux même punition !

    ça plombe la joie du joujou non ?

    vivement qu’ils trouvent le bug


  • Zururuki

    because, the micro sd at the box have rate class 2. Try change the micro sd to class 10. ex. Team 16gb sdhc class 10, have a great value.