Xperia Arc removed from O2 shop

O2 are the only network in the UK to have not released the Xperia Play yet and for a while the Xperia Arc was also listed as coming soon. A week ago though, O2 added the Xperia Arc to it’s online shop and was ready to buy and said it was in stock.

However after tracking an Arc order, O2 confirmed earlier today that there were aware that the website was showing the Arc as being in stock, when in fact it wasn’t. Since then, the website has been amended but, not just to update the stock status, the handset has been removed from the store entirely. On the front page of the O2 store, the Arc is mentioned but, upon clicking the link you are confronted with a “We’re sorry, but the phone you selected does not exist on the O2 shop.”

Searching for the handset through the store also yields no results. After speaking to several stores, some have said they may get stock of the Arc in the next week or two, while two stores have said they won’t have the phone in for a couple of weeks, while further testing is done. This would explain why the handset is no longer available to purchase from their website. Has anyone managed to acquire a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc through O2? Let us know in the comments.


  • wacky

    I am probably the few that managed to get the xperia arc from o2, or i should say had the xperia arc. I returned the phone. Though i loved it, i came across some irregularities with the software, for example if the phone was plugged in the key board and the entire touch experience would act wierd. to give you a better understanding of the issue, when plugged in if i touched a key and left my finger on it, it would press itself repeatedly. even light pressed on any key would pick up and sometimes multiple keys. found this to happen more than once when i connected the arc to power supply.

    the batter didnt seem to hold on too long, but reading online, its mentioned it takes about a week for the battery to work its 100%.

    i should add that the xperia arc otherwise is just lovely. excellent feel on the hand. the screen is brilliant. sony’s modifications are just super. only wish that it had a dual core processor. not sure how future proof it is, especialy for a person like me who’s following updates on android and would like to have them on my phone for the next 1.5 years atleast.