Xperia Arc faces audio sync issues with HD recording

Following on from our post earlier about the lack of a fully functional zoom on the Xperia Arc’s camera comes news that there may be a bug with the HD video recording capabilities of the handset. Over at Hurf Xperia Xperiences, it’s been noted that while taking a video clip in 720p the video froze for a few seconds during the recording but, then carried on a normal. However when playing the video back, in the places where the video appeared to freeze the audio becomes out of sync. Other users of the Arc have also noticed this problem. At the moment though, it’s unknown whether it’s related to the speed of the memory card, or an issue with the software. One Arc user has suggested that it may be due to the memory card being class 2 but, as of yet we’ve not had chance to test the Arc’s 720p video recording with a class 4 memory card. However this wasn’t an apparent issue with the Xperia X10.

Once we’ve had chance to test the 720p video recording with a class 4 or above card, we’ll let you know if this solves the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can confirm what class memory card you have if you have or haven’t?


  • mustaf

    yea i have the same problem that the video recording freezez and the audio becomes out of sync.

  • Irishdaz

    Same problem. Hopefully they resolve the issue.

  • neve

    seems like light out of sync even wo freeze

  • ying nishiki

    it is not the prob of memory card speed. I have both class 6 and class 4, it always freezes during recording and out of sycn!!

  • michael

    i have had my arc for 4 days now and have a number of issues with camera, screen blinking, phone freezing up or taking ages to load a page and many more issues 2, i should of learned after knowing what my sony satio was like cos that was utter trash 2, this arc is goin back 2 the shop and if i were u lot i would get urs back 2 before ur stuck with it

  • ideal

    I have a 6 class memory card and have the same problem

  • Randy Fitton

    Exactly the same issue. I take a vid of me playing a guitar and singing a tune. After starting the vid it does one pause about 6 to 8 seconds in and then the sound is out of sync for the remainder of the video. Bought the phone on April 20 in Singapore. I also note for recording this vid just playing an acoustic guitar I am overwhelming the recording levels and causing distortion on the sound. This I also need to rectify or this phone is useless for me and will need to be returned. I would expect far better perfromance than this from Sony.

  • sponge head

    i to had freezing and sound sync problems untill yesterday i fitted a Samsung 8gb class 6 extreme speed memory card, now recording in HD is perfect i recorded 2×10 min 2×20 min and a 35 min test videos the latter one today and so far all WORKING as it should be fingers crossed…. i have heard that some cheap class 6 memory cards are no good would recommend the Samsung extreme speed from Amazon

  • Arc User

    I have been using SE Xperia Arc for over a month now and found quiet many bugs.
    1 – No Zoom in higher modes of camera.
    2 – No zoom in camcorder function.
    3 – Video freezes while recording in HD mode and audio is way out of sync.
    4 – Software is little buggy, phone slows down, screen takes a while to load, unlock and so on.
    5 – At times home screen widgets doesn’t respond.

    I am happy with phone but then feel it lacks many qualities for the amount that we have paid to have this premium Android beauty.

  • FW

    - Video recording freeze
    - FM radio stops occasionally and happens very often
    - lock animation freeze
    - HOME screen not properly especially when charging the phone
    - not robust PC connection
    - Wi Fi cannot connect sometime
    - long time to boot up, it should not happen on 1GHz CPU
    - “Media Vol” and “Ring Vol” selection are not a good design
    - you cannot use the built in microphone when you are using normal headphone
    - battery life is very bad and unstable
    - no HDMI cable is included (Hong Kong Version)
    - buggy firmware

    when i can get the new FW???

  • http://n.a. Pastel


    Been using it for 10 days now. Initially unhappy with the battery life. Main cause of low life is high brightness setting, running following useless software such as:

    a. timescape (all of them)
    b. disabling google services (stopping them including the map improves life considerably)
    c. monitor and stop kaixin services.

    Other issues:
    c. Charge for at least 16 hours while the phone is off. Life can get better over time.
    d. Poor quality software for video recording.

    Is there a way to simply root the phone without worrying about the unlocking of bootloader? I am with Three HK. So what is the SIMPLEST and painless way to root.

    Why root? Cos I want to FREEZE many useless built-in apps in the device, by using titanium backup software. So that it lessens the impact of battery life.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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  • Alex Nikolic

    Hi, I have a problem with my HD camera. Is there a uptadte? they can help me further