Xperia Arc camera goes head to head with iPhone 4, Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S

Sony Ericsson are renowned for their range of Cybershot phones and the quality of photos taken with them. In the past, their handsets have definitely been heads above the rest when it comes to camera capability. How does the Arc fair against other handsets on the market at the moment though?

Apart from the curved design on Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc, the camera is a feature that has been highly promoted. Some photos have appeared on Flickr showing various scenes taken with various handsets, including the upcoming Xperia Arc.

There are 7 different scenario settings for the photos and we see how the the Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N8, iPhone 4 and Xperia Arc compare.

First we have the dark setting, where the obvious winner is the Xperia Arc. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

Arc iPhone 4 N8 Galaxy S

We then have the same setting but, with the flash turned on, although there isn’t one for the Galaxy S.

Arc iPhone 4 N8

Likewise, with the tree shot, there isn’t a photo for the Nokia N8.

Arc iPhone 4 Galaxy S

Take a look at the other comparison shots below.

Arc iPhone 4 N8 Galaxy S
Arc iPhone 4 N8 Galaxy S
Arc iPhone 4 N8 Galaxy S
Arc iPhone 4 N8 Galaxy S


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  • luke

    Hi All
    As ive owned , tried and tested all 4 phone, i can honestly say that the se xperia arc, is one of the best when it comes to video recording and photos, the apple iphone4 is a very good alrounder as with the samsung galaxy s,…….the nokia n8 on the other hand has very good if not near perfect for video recording (but sadly thats where it really ends ), but thats all that is good with the nokia n8…..if i could choose screen displays then i would def opt for the samsungs Super AMOLED screen, there is nothing that i know of (apart from maybe the iphone4 that is )that is anywhere close to being as crisp and clear !!!…….the thing with the se arc is that it has a very good screen (for an LCD that is), the camera quality and video recording are excl and so is the sound play back, not only through headphones but also through its external loud speaker, and to polish everything off its wrapped up in what i call, a very good looking sexy casing although it might be plastic……..i do wish sony ericsson would think about things first, as if it had a aluminium frame/casing this would have been ‘the phone that everyone would have wanted’ as the plastic does make it feel a tad cheap but on the other hand it does keep the weight down
    anyway this is my view on the 4 phones……… i hope this might help some ppl thats considering one of these… the only thing that ive also got to say regarding the se arc, is that the battery life is also very good…4 whole days life under med useage, which is better than the other 3 phones thats here…… my only advice is that try before you buy if you can, as a 12/18/24 month contract is a long time if you choose the wrong phone !!

  • michael

    thats a load of rubbish i have a 32gb iphone 4 and have just got an xperia arc as an upgrade and the iphone knocks spots off the arc in nearly every area, the arc has loads of problems which is typical of sony phones or at least the ones i have had in the past, the only decent sony i have actually had was the orange and white w800i, this arc is goin back to the shop in the next day or 2

  • Paul

    Hi folks,

    While the comparative effort is commendable, providing downsized 640×480 pixel images is of no use :-( We need to see cropped 100% resolution images to really make an informed judgement on the “real” camera image quality …

    Have a look at the comparison : (taken from for a detailed analysis of what happens to grass, leaves and stones when left in the hands of the currently aggressive Xperia Arc image processing –> they become blocky clumps of pixellated blobs …

    While I can’t comment on N8 / Galaxy S – the straight forward shoot-out above against a regular point-n-shoot quickly revealed that the Xperia Arc is over-sharpening, over-compressing, and in general pixellating every ounce of fine detail … The average size of the 8mp image output on the Xperia Arc is a disturbingly small 1.4mb, which should be an inidication of things going askew.

    The iPhone 4 can retain fine detail … the Xperia Arc currently doesn’t … and that’s the REAL difference. I’ve actually printed out my Xperia Arc images: hair strands, stones, tree lines, leaves, bricks etc. all contain jagged, zero-detail blob pixellations == arrrgh !

    Let’s hope SE quickly provide users with options to set a) image quality/compression and b) sharpening, in their next firmware update.


  • Rzehbin

    arc is best