X10 owners on Rogers to get Android 2.1 from November 8th

Following on from the release of Google Android 2.1 in the UK, it appears that Canada will be next to receive the update. A tipster has sent a tip in to Mobile Syrup informing them that Rogers customers who own the Xperia X10 will get an update from November 8th. Sony Ericsson Canada have also confirmed via Twitter that Canadian Xperia X10 owners will get the update this month, although not as specific and instead left it at ‘some time during the month’. The update will also apply to the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro.

via: MobileSyrup


  • Mitch

    Anyone got the update? If so, where can we get it? tru phone or pc companion?

  • MB

    No update yet. Sucks. I want my 2.1 I have looked everyday for the past 3 days. I have 2 X10s (one for me and one for my employee) and neither has prompted for an update or allows me to update the PC Companion software or anything. Starting to get angry. I knew it was coming soon….late October changed to early November, and now November 8th has come and gone….still waiting….not sure who to be more mad at Sony or Rogers.

  • KC

    Be mad at Sony for taking so damn long. They finally release 2.1 and 2.3 is already on it’s way. They’ve already started another phone set to run 2.3 on release. They won’t bother much now with the x10 once the last update is released this year.

  • KC

    To be honest, I used to love sony phones. I had the W850, W900, M600, P1i, W950 and now the x10. I don’t think I’m gonna use another sony ever. I’m switching to HTC since they keep themselves on the ball.

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  • Happy x10 User Mad Rogers Customer

    Rogers lied when they sold you the phone… You should be mad at them… This is a great phone…

    As for the delay the update most likely has been delivered to Rogers and they are doing their normal Branding/Disabling “TESTING” that they like to do to their phones… If you call asking them when you are going to recieve the update they just say

    “Rich says:
    As of yet we do not have the release date ready. I am sorry I can not provide you any solid information surronding it’s Rogers release.”

    This is not just me it is every client that calls or uses their online tech support…

    and remember when software is created the end user (In this case Rogers) has demands on how the software will work… The more you ask the longer it takes to be complete… and the more customers asking for changes well you get where I am going with this…

    Ya Ya Ya but SE took forever to push out the update… You would be mad if they pushed out a half caulked update that would render your phone just about unusable… Come on would you go sailing on the open sea with a huge hole in your hull??? Didn’t think so…

  • KC

    Yes the x10 is a great phone, I don’t doubt it. Sony did a great job. What I don’t understand is how they could have taken so long to just release it at 2.1. They also have multi-touch hardware but didn’t make use of it. Android 2.3 and 3.0 are just around the corner and we’ll probably never see that come to our x10. Of course I’m upset with rogers too, but that doesn’t change the fact that Sony took it’s time putting 2.1 together to release to rogers. With Sony’s new flagship android coming, do you really think they’ll keep working on something outdated or will they just make the new better? I guess time will tell.

  • morgan

    Aparently rogers said “the week of november 8th” so we still got about 2 days till we can start rioting. also we’re sapposed to recive a txt message informing us that 2.1 is ready. and still no multi touch, well apple’s got copyrights on that so maby sony’s just being cheap or rather apple being dick’s, i could be wrong but when i read the info on their next phone, it didnt say anything about multi-touch either…so i guess we’ll have to wait and see

  • =NoXiouS=

    Between Rogers and S.E.; I feel like I’m gettin’ it up the ‘ol tailpipe here.
    My next phone is far more likely to be Samsung or HTC.
    I’m choked about all the broken promises from both Rogers and S.E. !
    Probably not gonna get Gingerbread update until Dec. 2012!

  • Terry675

    Just spoke to a tech and he said that the update is definately today but the update service is heavily congested and not working properly at this moment. Later it should be fine.

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  • dave

    November 14, got the 2.1 on rogers in canada

  • Mitch

    @dave, did you get a notification that the update is available?

  • admin

    Yeah they did have 2 days left to do so lol. The update is however out now for those on Rogers in Canada. Mitch, if you don’t have a notification, just use PC Companion and it should tell you there :).

  • Justin

    Andriod 2.1 should be available for Rogers Canada users. I just completed updating my phone using PC Companion. Still adjusting to the new screens and functions.

    • gary

      did u get any notification, cuz I did not and whenever I connect it to companion, it says that update is available, I tried updating but did not do anything, though companion prepped the phone for update. how did u do it. Thanks

  • http://www.ezmediaconverter.com MPC

    Well we are coming on to the end of the month and still no update available to us. Here in BC we have not received it yet.

    Has anyone in Canada received the update?

    Hope the update is seamless as I have heard about some issues with losing contacts and SMS history when updating to 2.1

  • http://sonyericsson.in ramandeep

    Hey when we r getting android 2.3 updates on xperia10 rogers we r very upset frm ur tomuch late for updates now all phones yr haveing android 2.3 froya in the market plzzz rply…