Why the Xperia X10 won’t have Froyo

It was recently announced that the Xperia X10 won’t be upgraded to Android 2.2 even if Sony Ericsson has the Xperia Arc running in Android 2.3. The reason for this was explained recently by Nathan Vautier, a representative of Sony Ericsson for UK and Ireland.

It seems that the company engineers are having a hard time in “uncoupling” the Timescape user interface from the Android operating system. They actually were able to pull it off in the Xperia Arc but had no luck with the X10.  Basically, the X10 will remain as it is and not have any more OS upgrades. Sony Ericsson even commented that Android 2.1 was even equal or even better than Android 2.2 on this model.

Owners of the X10 need not worry though since numerous updates are still planned for the X10 as long as it is supported by Android 2.1. To start the year, a multi-touch update is already on the way and has been released in some regions already.

The Xperia X10 may be left behind in the race for the best smartphone models but it still is a great looking phone with lots of great functionalities. With its access to the thousands of applications in the Android Marketplace a lot of people will still be looking for this model.