Videos emerge of Xperia X10 multi-touch

Despite numerous confirmations now by Sony Ericsson saying that the Xperia X10 does not support multi touch due to hardware limitations, some have still been left wondering if it really does. As after all, Sony Ericsson had previously said it did support multi touch, with even the US Sony Style website listing multi touch as a feature before the launch of the handset.

Some developers have tried to enable multi touch to see if the lack of multi touch on the Xperia X10 really is due to the lack of hardware or, if it is software orientated. Fortunately it seems to be the latter, despite what Sony Ericsson have said. Several videos have emerged demonstrating the multi touch abilities of the Xperia X10. Unfortunately though, it seems that the hack to enable multi touch on the Xperia X10 isn’t ready to be released to the public just yet. Hopefully though the fix to enable multi touch will be released soon enough in an easy to use package, so even non tech savvy Xperia X10 owners can unleash the full potential of the Xperia X10.


  • Michael S

    When will the SE Xperia X10 for AT&T US be updated to 2.1?

  • admin

    I haven’t heard any dates for the US update, sorry but, as soon as we do, we’ll keep you posted :).

  • benji

    shame this isnt official sony ericsson multi touch news lol. i hope the hack turns out to be superb, that would show SE up!

    • admin

      I know but, we’ll see what happens. Even though they did “officially” announce it didn’t support multi touch, on occasions when they’ve been asked, instead of “it doesn’t support it”, theyve said “there’s no plans to add it”. So I’m wondering if they did lie about it when they said it didnt.

      As soon as it’s released, I’ll be trying it for sure :).

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