Win a X10 Mini Pro in Lime Green

As part of Sony Ericsson’s weekly Facebook competition, this week we see a Lime Green X10 Mini Pro in the “limelight”, excuse the pun. As always, all you need to ... Continue Reading →

Leaked photos of Xperia Duo appear

We all know that Sony Ericsson aren’t great at keeping their upcoming handsets a secret. We saw photos of the Xperia X10 before an official announcement came from Sony Ericsson ... Continue Reading →

XperiaX10 range won’t be updated past Android 2.1

Despite all the uproar about Sony Ericsson’s flagship Xperia handset having an outdated OS when it launched with Android 1.6 and when the company released Android 2.1, when 2.3 ... Continue Reading →

Xperia X10 mini – The Best Budget Phone of 2010

Now that we have entered the year 2011 what do you think was the best budget phone for 2010? There are many contenders for this category such as the phones from Nokia, Samsung and ... Continue Reading →

Leaked: Successor to the Xperia X10 Mini

There seems to be a lot of buzz on Sony Ericsson’s future Xperia devices lately due to leaked photos of some of their future models. Now, new photos are leaked which could possibly ... Continue Reading →