Sleepy Jack confirmed as Xperia Play exclusive game

Developer SilverTree Media, who brought us the cute and addictive game Cordy, have announced that they are bringing their new, anticipated title to the Xperia Play first and it will ... Continue Reading →

Unlocked in the US: Xperia Ray arrives Stateside

Great news for US buyers – the Xperia Ray is officially available to buy in your country in it’s unlocked form, Sony Ericsson have announced. The Xperia Ray is listed at ... Continue Reading →

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD free until 10PM GMT

Gameloft have another of their promotions on. This time around, they are offering Global Front HD for the next two and a bit hours. The promotion ends at 10PM GMT. This offer is not ... Continue Reading →

Rooted phones see restricted access on Android Market

We’ve provided information on how to root the Xperia handsets here before and in the past rooting has always been for a positive reason. The main reason for rooting is that it ... Continue Reading →

Android Market updated to include Sony Ericsson apps on Xperia handsets

It appears that the Android Market has been updated on Xperia handsets which adds a link to Sony Ericsson apps. The update doesn’t actually appear to be a market update however, ... Continue Reading →