Sony to unveil new Xperia models at CES

The annual CES event is taking place in Las Vegas this week. The trade show is running between January 10th and 13th but, Sony have a press event planned for today where new Xperia models are set to be announced.

The press event is due to start at 5pm GMT and you can watch the press event live from Sony’s website here. We’re expecting to see “something big” which is likely to come in the form on an Xperia Arc successor. Other Xperia models that are expected to be unveiled include an Xperia Neo successor as well as an Xperia Mini successor.


  • Bumferry Hogart

    As much as I love SE phones, i doubt i will raise as much as an eyebrow unless they have finally come up with a proper scratch proof screen. they can be as fast or lightweight as you like, but until phones are made of stronger resiliant materials, they will still look awful after about two months . . . if your lucky.

    • Bex

      I’ll have to touch wood here but, I’ve never had a problem. My Arc and Play both had a screen protector on since new – come on as standard, in the UK at least. For that matter the X10 did as well and while the screen protector did become a bit “tatty” the screen underneath was in fantastic condition when I did come to take the protector off/replace it.

      • Bex

        That said, I do hope they implement Gorilla Glass into the next phones, or rather Gorilla Glass’s next technology but, I doubt that as, I read a rumor that they may unveil an even stronger technology, this year, possible at CES.