Sony Ericsson explain Android 2.1 delay in UK

Unfortunately the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 range has still not been released in the UK despite the update being available for four days in other regions. Sony Ericsson previously claimed that the UK would receive the update before the end of October, which when the Sony Ericsson Product Blog announced that the Android 2.1 would be released on October 31st to the Norwegian market, many assumed that the UK would also get the update at the same time, or at the very latest, the next day as more “kits” were promised to be released the following day.

Fast forward to November 4th and there’s still no sign of the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 line in the UK. Just before the release date was announced, the UK team sent out a message on their Twitter saying that the update was in the last stages of testing. While not exactly encouraging, it did show that the update was nearing release. Over the weekend however, the Sony Ericsson UK Twitter team were no where to be found until some time Monday, who then had I’m sure, thousands of Tweets about Android 2.1 for X10 owners in the UK.

Unfortunately their response was very disappointing. We heard that they were sorry for the delay and that they would have more news for us regarding the update in the next few days. They followed this Tweet up with a reply to another user also using the “next few days” line but, this time saying the update should be with us then.

Since then however, more information has been revealed about the delay. A further Tweet once again said that more testing was needing to be done, for the UK anyway. After this, the response changed to ‘more news would come in a couple of days’. There has been no further news regarding when the Android 2.1 update will be released in the UK for the X10, however according to the Sony Ericsson UK Twitter team, one of the tests that needs to be carried out (and presumably still is being carried out), is to ensure it meets UK laws and regulations. Maybe it’s just me but, this seems like something that should have been done in advance of the update being released, not after. If for some obscure reason it doesn’t meet UK laws and regulations, the UK may not receive the update at all, however this is very, very unlikely to be the case but, something to bear in mind. Until this test is passed though, it seems we won’t hear any news from the Sony Ericsson UK team regarding a UK release date. We will however, as always, keep you posted on the latest updates.


  • Spongebob

    Just updated X10 to android 2.1 today 5/11/10 but obviously it had to be done via computer, and not over the air

    • Spongebob

      LOOOOOONG startup, and all data removed, lucky i did a backup. doesnt seem to be any problems though….

      • Raskaroth

        Would you mind sharing how come you have the update, because I can’t get it through the official ways in UK.

        • admin

          Wow, I went back to Nordic last night as I’m away over the weekend, wish I’d waited now though.

          Raskaroth, the update has been released in the UK today but, only for the X10 – not the Mini/Mini Pro and only for unbranded handsets. Check the latest post :).

    • Greg Durbauree

      Hi Spongebob ,
      Will you please help me on this ,Can you send me the link where to go and how to Updated my X10 to Android .
      It will be greatful if you don’t mind.Thank very much.

  • boscoj

    @admin, I have the X10 that i bought in UK (T-mobile) but I am outside of UK in South Africa currently on some business. I had to unlock my phone to get it to work on the local network. Any chance for an upgrade while I am still in South Africa. You mentioned update has been released for unbranded handsets, does that include unlocked handsets too. If so, how do I get to upgrade or do I have to wait till i return to the UK in December before I can upgrade.

  • aliasv1


    If you unlock your phone it doesnt mean it is debranded, it is just unlocked to all networks…So you will not be getting a Generic update

  • admin

    Like aliasv1 said, unlocked is different to unbranded. You’re handset will still be branded to T-Mobile. T-Mobile have said though that they will release the update before the end of the month, so you should be able to get it once T-Mobile UK release the update for the X10 :). No need to wait till you return to the UK :).

  • Greg Durbauree

    Hi Can some one help me please tell me where to go to get the Android 2.1or2.2 Updated or Upgrade for my X10. If you can send me the link too please.Thank to every one and enjoy the rest of your day.

  • teak gartenmöbel

    ya, thanks – a identical neighbourly send!