Rooted phones see restricted access on Android Market

We’ve provided information on how to root the Xperia handsets here before and in the past rooting has always been for a positive reason. The main reason for rooting is that it allows you to remove preinstalled apps, either installed by Sony Ericsson such as Timescape, or network specific apps such as Vodafone’s 360 application. There are of course other positive reasons to root your handset and with Google Android being a pretty open OS, rooting hasn’t been much of a problem. That may change soon however.

Google have recently added a movie rental service to the Android Market but, those with rooted devices have received error messages and are not able to make use of this service. The reason behind denying access to rooted handsets is that they have the potential to bypass the content DRM. Now that Google have moved in this direction, music providers may also request this to happen for the Google Music service, which is currently in a beta phrase. While there are some apps which are made specifically for rooted handset, it may not be long until we see more services and applications that restrict access to handsets with root privileges.