Orange UK X10 owners get Android 2.1 update, as well as Three UK and O2 Germany

The Android 2.1 update has been available in the UK for a little while now for unbranded handsets, while network branded handsets have had to wait. Most notable O2 users, who have in the past also had issues with O2 releasing updates and the Android 2.1 update is no different, for O2 UK anyway.

A few readers have said that Vodafone UK have already released the update, unfortunately this isn’t the case though. Orange UK however are confirmed to have also released the update, with users already downloading Android 2.1 for their branded X10 handsets. A few users have also reported that Three have also released the Android 2.1 update for the X10 range today, like Orange. There is however still no sign of the update for O2 branded handsets in the UK. However the O2 UK Twitter account has said that the update will be coming this week, subject to testing and approval anyway. Deja vue? Unfortunately so. Hopefully there will be no issues though and O2 users should see the update before the end of the week.

What will irk many O2 owners however, is the O2 Germany and O2 Ireland have managed to release the update today. Both the generic Android 2.1 update for the X10 has been released, as well as the O2 version. This is something we’ve previously seen with O2 UK before. Fortunately it was only a matter of days until O2 UK followed suit and it appears that this will be the case this time around as well. It’s just a shame that the UK sector can’t roll the update out as quick as O2 in other countries.

For those in the UK on T-Mobile, unfortunately not much information has been released, other than that it should be due before the end of the month. As always though, once more information is received we will update you. The same is true for Vodafone, despite a few initial comments about Vodafone releasing the update, this has proved to be false information unfortunately. We also don’t have a release date for when Vodafone will release the Android 2.1 update for their X10 handsets.


  • bob

    Why wasn’t this done before now for o2. I like

  • neil gubbins

    still no update for me im in the uk using an x10 on vodafone. wheres my update th

    • Shadowcast05

      I can confirm Vodafone UK currently do not have any release date for the Android 2.1 Update – very poor… However, some users have sucessfully debranded their handset to the Nordic 2.1 update (although this voids their Vodafone warranty)..

      So where do you go from here – well, not far, because if like me you have grown to love the X10, you will know the pain it can be just to reload your contacts to having issues downloading from the Android Market – you will persist and wait for the official release – hopefully before your contract expires and then be tempted with a latest incarnation..

  • Jasmine

    Well i am on Orange UK and i still haven’t recieved any information about the update. Its so annoying! Theres loads of apps i’d like but i can’t have them yet! Come on Orange send me the message!!

    • Vicky

      yea im on orange uk (x10) and still waiting…………………. ppl already getting it on orange, whats happening lol!!

  • admin

    How bizarre, I heard several confirmations that it was out for Vodafone, since however, I’ve heard a lot more saying it isn’t and I haven’t been able to get back in contact with those who said it was out for Vodafone, I’m thinking perhaps even though with Vodafone, they may have had an unbranded handset instead. Sorry guys.

    Jasmine, you don’t need to wait for Orange to send you the message :). Connect your X10 to your PC using PC Companion and it should tell you there’s an update available. Make sure to back up all your data first though :).

    • Vicky

      i just read your message, yea i have also tried that. pc companion, it updated some software but it wasnt the 2.1 andriod update- grrrr. every website is saying different things ……

  • lee ashford

    i’m on o2 network and did a software update last night via pc companion.
    the thing is i have a few new applications now on my phone but the firmware version is still 1.6 so don’t think it was the 2.1 update.
    anyone else had the same.
    the new apps are :-
    back up and restore
    purity wifi

    • admin

      Is that O2 UK?
      If so, the UK devision still haven’t released the update. The software you’re talking about is, I believe the R2Ba026 update which, likewise, O2 took FOREVER to release :(. The R2BA026 update, over R2BA016, adds the Back up and Restore feature, along with Creatouch. Purity Wifi must be an O2 app, as it didn’t appear on my generic X10.

  • seta

    Well hip hip hooray, finally got the 2.1 update and having played around with it, it is a much nicer version to the cruddy 1.6.
    It is now a nicer phone to have and despite not having adobe flash it is still a nice bit of kit to now own…
    So Sony, you took a long time, but you got there…
    Next just put the right firmware on and save everyone and yourselves slot of trouble…

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