O2 finally release Xperia X10 update

O2 UK have finally released the latest update for the Xperia X10. O2 were the last network in the UK to approve the update, causing many O2 customers and Xperia X10 owners much anger. The software update has gone straight to R2BA026, where as initially it was thought that the older, R2BA020 firmware would be released. The latest update is said to improve the battery life, with many owners agreeing. X10 owners with the latest update are also reporting that the overall performance is much better and especially in TimeScape and MediaScape. Unfortunately, the latest update also includes the WiFi bug. The only firmware users didn’t find this a problem, was in R2BA020, so I’m sure there will be some users who wished it was the earlier firmware released onto O2.

As it stands at the moment, the update can’t be performed as an OTA (over the air) update. Instead users will need to use the Sony Ericsson Update Service or PC Companion to update the firmware version. The download totals 153.8MB.


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  • Alex

    Hello everybody, I’m Alexander from Romania.

    Until recently I was the happy owner of an Xperia X10. It’s not that I’m not the owner anymore, it’s just that I’m not happy anymore.
    I just want to tell you from the beginning that I wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy S, but one of my friends tuck me into buying his X10. It was a plain and simple transaction, my friend didn’t care about updates, he only liked the X10 for its design, but he needed the money, that’s why he sold it to me.
    So, on Nov 24 I found out (only because of my repeated update checks and not because SE sent an update notification) that Android 2.1 is available in my country. I followed all the steps and updated my phone. After restoring the saved data, big surprise: the phone would log off the mobile network every 2 minutes. I had to deactivate my PIN code in order to prevent the destruction of the phone (hitting X10 against the wall to achieve that seemed like a good idea at that time), but logging of the network was annoying (that’s the least to say), especially during phone calls. And when the phone was ringing, the caller info & the other items of the incoming call screen would disappear completely, leaving only the nice blue & black color variations; I had to guess where the ‘answer’ button is and how to slide it to the right (luckily this was simplified with the 2.1, with the curved line of the 1.6 it would have been much more difficult to guess). The only solution was reinstalling the software, which worked well.
    And now back to the actual update. Apart from the obvious improvements (the screen doesn’t lock anymore after a call in ended, saving Drafts in Messages (officially, and not by pressing the ‘Home’ Button after finishing typing & adding no recipient at that stage) is possible, 5 home screens, more icons per screen & the improved screen layout, text typing layout and the others already mentioned in the official press release), there are some major back draws (for the update or for the overall functionality, regardless of the Android version):

    1. The Timescape function is defective with the 2.1: some of the tiles from Facebook only have the photo and the name of the person, with no text. After accessing the profile by tapping the tile, I am prompted to one’s daily horoscope. Wasn’t it supposed to prompt me to the status message? And the Facebook account updates very slowly/not at all and keeps updating even after I close Timescape (the ‘updating’ icon from the upper taskbar is visible at most of the time I have the X10 turned on + wi-fi on & functional). Not to mention that Timescape closes repeatedly without prompting it to close.
    2. Once the synchronization starts, sure as hell not even Doomsday can stop it (we do have Doomsday every day here in Romania – jokin’).
    3. With the 2.1 update, the ‘relationship’ between my phonebook and Facebook is a wreck (that’s an understatement as well)!! It was much better with the 1.6 when one was able to associate contacts MANUALLY between the phonebook and Facebook straight from the phone. Now Facebook overrides the phonebook, even with sync deactivated (from Facebook Android Application (updated)/settings/sync contacts/DON’T SYNC) (isn’t this breaking terms & conditions + invasion of privacy?). And, believe it or not, in my country 2 different people can have the same first name & surname, which makes very annoying to have your actual girlfriend Mary in your phonebook, but with Mary’s (ex-girlfriend) picture from Facebook, Mary ex-girlfriend which is not anymore in your phonebook – how’s that for a divorce case? If I chose facebook/settings/sync contacts/sync with existing contacts – that’s Iraqi War, as for ‘sync all’ – that’s Star Wars + WW III. I had to restore the phonebook a few times and I had to access manually 20% percent of my phonebook, then ‘edit/menu button/separate/save’ in order to separate the (unfortunate) 20% phonebook contacts from Facebook contacts (same person or, worse, another person), even thou, I repeat, I have chosen in the first place NOT to sync the contacts between my phonebook and Facebook!!!!!
    4. The in-call volume is still very low, I have to press the phone against the ear very hard.

    And now for my fellow X10 owners: stop asking if there’s gonna be an upgrade in terms of screen colors!! SE does software updates, they should replace the whole screen (as a hardware component) in order to upgrade the actual screen to 16M.

    That’s about everything I can remember now, if something else will come up I will get back!

    Bottom-line: As a happy owner of SE phones (T28, K750, V630, W995, Aino (present)), I’m about to go back to Nokia or to start a ‘relationship’ with Samsung if SE’s new X10 update will not be Android 2.3 with all the above-mentioned flaws fixed!!

    • http://www.sonyericsson.com Markus-SEAnswers


      My name is Markus and I am a social media coordinator at Sony Ericsson.

      I’d first of all like to say that I’m sorry for the issues you’ve had.
      To get a more detailed and thorough answers for all these questions you should contact the local support office on phone number +40 21 401 0401.

      Some quick answers on your 4 points:

      1. Personally I’m not really using Timescape, but I must say that this is new to me. Have you got this issue? It sounds like it could have been a temporary Facebook issue.

      2. True. It’s not possible to stop the sync once started. You can however set Timescape to not sync automatically every time you start the Timescap app. Timescape > Menu key > Settings > Update automatically.

      3. You can choose to manually separate a joined contact by tapping on the contact > Edit > Menu key > Separate. Also, you can start the Facebook app > tap on “Facebook” in the top left corner > Menu key > Settings > Sync contacts > Remove Facebook data > OK. This will remove all contacts synced from Facebook.

      4. This is not considered as a problem and will therefore not be fixed/changed. I do agree that the in-call volume is higher in other phone models (most of them) but I don’t think it’s THAT low in Xperia X10.

      I hope we can keep you from heading for Nokia or Samsung. :)

      Best regards,

  • ryan

    well, i synced my contacts with facebook and now i cant send or recieve messages :( does anyone know the problem???

    • http://www.sonyericsson.com Markus-SEAnswers


      My name is Markus and I am a social media coordinator at Sony Ericsson.

      This problem of yours would probably not have anything to do with the Facebook sync. At least it should not have, because they should not be linked in any way.

      Make sure you have at least 20 MB free memory in the phone memory since you will not be able to receive messages otherwise. Also, please try to put a different SIM card in the phone to see if this makes any difference in the behavior.

      Best regards,

  • amy

    Hey Markus.
    Since upgrading my firmware on my SE x10 I have had several problems and came across this trying to see if I was alone with my situation but it seems so.
    My phonebook is a complete mess. I followed the steps you posted previously but it hasn’t helped. Each contact has doubled up some even tripled numbers, and when I add a recipient for messages it shows contacts that don’t even have a number, its just their email and some don’t have any details at all. I know that the usual answer for this would to just manually go through and edit each one individually but with over 300 contacts its a right pain the in ass.
    Also whenever I text someone the previous message that I sent keeps appearing in the text box, so each time I must delete all of this to type a new one. Every second or third message also says ‘Unable to send’. This never happened with the previous software.
    The phone also drops out of coverage quite often, my service providers logo disappears from beside the reception bar and I am unable to make/receive any calls/messages or to access the internet, even when the bars are full.
    This seems to be the only place I can come for support as SE support isn’t available where I live and the service providers just ship the phone off to India. Help would be much appreciated :)

  • http://www.sonyericsson.com Johan-SEAnswers

    Hi Amy,

    I’m Markus’s college Johan. We both handle social media coordination at Sony Ericsson.

    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. What sync services do you use? Because it seems to me that a combination of these may have messed up your phone book. I know that Google (Gmail) offers a nice sync service were you can eliminate duplicates within your contacts. So maybe you could try to sync your contacts with Gmail and run their duplicate finder.

    Regarding the text and network problem I would suggest that you try to reinstall the phone software. You can do so via the Update Service program. http://www.sonyericsson.com/updateservice

    But you can also try another SIM card in the phone to see if the problem is somehow related to the network itself.

    Best Regards,

  • billy

    HI im trying to update my phone to 2.1 and its keeps saying i got the lastest one but i have got 1.6 somebody please help me im getting angry lol

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  • TanBlondin

    my problem is, I can’t find an option to mark several contacts and delete them at once. I don’t really want to delete them all and find, having to go through one-by-one is rather taking a long time. Hope someone is kind and bright enough to advise me. 
    Thank you ever so much.
    Tan Blondin

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