No Android update for Xperia X10 in the UK today

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Sony Ericsson UK to release the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 range of handsets, then I’m sorry to say but, you’ll have to wait a few more days till it’s released. After not hearing anything from the Sony Ericsson UK team since October 29th on Twitter, they’ve now replied to several tweets, all regarding the Android 2.1 update.

Android 2.1 was released yesterday for Nordic handsets and was assumed that the UK would also follow, either the same day, or today at the latest. Sony Ericsson UK have however said that there are some delays for the UK and further testing needs to be done before the update is released on to UK handsets. However it should be within the next few days, so we should see it before the second week of November. This is still disappointing though.

There is no definitive date and over at the Sony Ericsson blog, Rikard Skogberg has said he isn’t able to give specific dates for each “kit” as it does depend on “the status of all approvals needed (both internal and external)”. He did however reveal that today Android 2.1 kits were released for Russia, Singapore, Indonesia and many African countries. Other countries, including the UK hopefully, will continue to roll out during the week and the rest of the month.


  • kevin g

    me and my familey have se phones for about 10 years but never again will we get a se phone again the customer care is a total joke next phon is a nokia or a htc

    • admin

      Yeah I don’t know what they’re playing at, they say end of Oct for UK, then bugger off when every one wants answers to come back with the news they promised they’d share…..just not the news we want :|. Thank god for the xda forums. They don’t even get paid to do what they do and yet they’re quicker than SE :|.

  • steve

    se uk’s offical twitter account says they are in contact with all networks in the uk about the android update to give us all dates fingers crossed they are going to release it all together just not too late

    • admin

      Hope so, I haven’t checked their Twitter since I posted this, as I was very disappointed. As it happens I’d already given up waiting for the UK and went Nordic :p.

  • steve

    Thats it im going to htc after this, its totally laughable that such a large company such as se can have customer service this poor. They have to realise that phone networks no longer offer one year deals and that we the customer are paying for 18 or 24 month contracts and we need the support of the phone manufacturers for the life of the phone contract with regards to software updates. They have a duty to keep the phone fresh especially as with android with it being such a fluid operating system and having multiple revisions during the life of the phone.
    They will soon learn there mistakes when a mass exodus of people begins, contracts will come up for renewal in the next year or so and those that are unhappy will soon hurry off to other manufacturers with the latest and greatest that have also looked after their customers. I am quite sure all the forums of se will fall deathy silent and it wont be because of happy customers. (Well they will be happy because they wont have a poorly supported se in there pocket.)

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  • frankie

    to all uk X10 users just to let you know my network orange has informed me that my update to android 2.1 will be around the middle of december, as with all the other uk networks thay said it was all down to sony ericsson releasing the update for uk users including people with unbranded phones their excuse is the law & regulations in the uk even the guy from orange said it was a load of bull from them they are just hiding behind it

  • Manu

    I am on Orange Uk and I just received a text saying: ” Great News. In the next few weeks there’ll be a software update available for your SE X10″. Few weeks!! Still have to wait and wait!

  • Stevey J

    UK Update is out now!! I have an unbranded x10 from carphone warehouse, and the update is downloading as i type this!!

    • paul matthews

      how do u do it my is from the carphone warehouse

      • admin

        Is it unbranded, or locked to a network? If it’s locked to a network, its very possible that it’s network branded. If it isn’t though, use the Sony Ericsson update service, follow the instructions, and you’ll then have Android 2.1 on your X10 handset :).

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  • Michael Mani Scalco

    I’ve been a long term “fan” and user of Sony Ericsson phones from way back and my family of 4 all have different Sony Ericsson phones. This is truely a poor show and my confidence it Sony Ericsson has been well and truely dented. I am already look at alternative phones for the future. Very poor indeed. It will take a lot to repair the damage done…………..Good bye Sony Ericsson

    my phones to date –
    Erricson T28 – Brilliant
    Sony Erricson T610 – Brilliant
    Sony Erricson P800- Good
    Sony Erricson P900 – Brilliant
    Sony Erricson P990 – Brilliant
    Sony Erricson Xperia X1 – Hardware brilliant OS poor.
    Sony Erricson Xperia X10 – Rubbish due to poor coordination of software release –
    This phone should not have been release unitil ready.

  • larry smith.

    Well I see Orange are being as incompetent as ever. This page went from saying “upgrade coming very soon” to “upgrade is here” to “upgrade being launched soon” without the “very” this afternoon all within about hour. Unbelievable incompetence as usual.

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