Further delays hit Xperia Pro release: Q4 2011 possible

xperia pro delayed

Another day, another delay on the release of another Sony Ericsson handset. This time it’s the turn of the Xperia Pro again.

The Xperia Pro release date has already been set back by Sony Ericsson who had previously indicated that the Xperia Pro would be released in Q3 2011, later than expected. The latest release date has been posted up on the Carphone Warehouse pre-order page for the Xperia Pro, where other release dates have been ‘found’ recently.

The latest posted date of expected release is Q4 2011, so October onwards would be a guide if the Carphone Warehouse estimate is correct (consider that the dates on CPW do change as release information changes).


  • YO

    Perhaps I’ll have it for christmas

  • Anonymous

    perhaps even Christmas 2011! Can only hope :)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’ve waited 5 months for the Xperia Pro.. but not going to wait another 3.
    I hope that when this phone does come out though, that they do have something to reward those who have
    waited for so long.

    Surely the cost to manufacture the phone in September / October will be cheaper than if they were producing them in February?I hope that it comes in at a good price point for consumers.

  • Shuriken101

    So does anyone know what network it will be on in the US?  AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile?

  • Mizusano

    I’ve waited for months too!!!
    I’m really angry about Sony Ericsson. I love the Xperia Pro, but my birthday is in august so I have to buy another phone
    Sorry Sony Ericsson but it isn’t my fault.