Could the X10 Mini get Android 2.3?

When Sony Ericsson announced that they had changed their plans for the Xperia X10 and that it would not be stuck on Android 2.1 but, would instead be upgraded to Android 2.3 during the end of Q2/start of Q3, this pleased many customers. However it still left some of Sony Ericsson’s customers rather angry, as while this was great news for owners of the Xperia X10, it was also announced that the X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and Xperia X8 were not part of these plans and would remain on Android 2.1 as previously stated.

When Sony Ericsson have been questioned about this, on both Facebook and Twitter, they’ve given the response that the update would not be coming to those handsets, the same response they gave users asking, or complaining about the X10 not being upgraded. Today however, the Sony Ericsson UK Facebook page team have provided a different answer, in fact different to what they said only yesterday. Instead of the usual, it’s not coming to the X10 Mini range or X8, the reply was that there are no confirmed dates at the moment but to keep checking the Sony Ericsson Product Blog, as any new announcements will be posted on there first. While it doesn’t specifically say an Android update, the reply is different to what we’ve seen before and looks very promising. Someone has already jumped on this answer and questioned it, as to whether there will be an official announcement following. Hopefully Sony Ericsson will provide a further Android update to the users who purchased the Mini versions of the X10 as well. Because while X10 owners are now happier, there are still many X10 Mini, Mini Pro and X8 owners very unhappy and this could change things around. However this pans out, we will keep you updated.


  • Steve C

    It makes sense. I was saying some time ago in response to a disgruntled sony customer that the X10 2.3 announcement came immediately after the Arc/Play releases, and this tied in well as the interfaces could be ported, whilst the mini’s were less capable of accepting this port due to the difference in the interface. Now with the announcement of the Xperia Mini and Mini Pro, it seems logical that around about the time of launch for these devices, we’ll see an official announcement for the X10 mini range (and possibly the X8, but bare in mind the X8 was the xperia budget device) porting the interface from the xperia minis. That’s my guess…

    • Gseg

      I hope the X8 will get the update to if the X10 minis get it.

  • Steve C

    sony ericsson customer*

  • Daniel Taguinod

    this is very not fair..i just bought x8 and the sales lady tells me that in august sony ericson would be releasing android 2.3 for minix10 and x8.. is that marketing strategy?so bad,.. i was planning to buy galaxy mini then..because it is already in 2.2 and upgradable to 2.3.. so bad.. they were lying straight to hell..

    • Axay

      hey if you have x8,then you can update it now…….watch video on youtube & go to instuctions……….

  • Daniel Taguinod

    i just hope they can provide an application that x8 users will not be needing to use the mobile phone memory when installing applications.. or we are just hoping to have 2.2 upgrade if not possilble to 2.3..

    • wsurfer

      If you root your device the called Link2SD will sove your problems :) Works great!

  • Twista98

    i rooted my mini po and got it to run 2.3.Alls good

  • Ala

    sony, go to work…

  • Animtv 1

    I found this on vodafone australia if you look under sony erisson its X10 mini pro should get android 2.3 in the future.

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  • Michael

    they ain’t releasing 2.3 for x10 mini pro

  • Eleni Boulbasi

    pls do not disappoint us!!

  • Washington

    I wrote Sony to get the same negative answer about the Android 2.3.4 upgrade so I rooted my X10 Mini Pro to android 2.3.7 and here is the fact. It is just as fast as Sony’s Offiicial 2.1 android upgrade but enables you to do so much more such as add apps to your SD memory card which improves storage and enjoyment. this proves that Sony’s statement that the X10 Mini Pro, X10 Mini and the X8 lack memory is a load of rubbish.   I would say that they just can’t be bothered to invest in support for buyers who don’t have their latest models.  Sony Ericsson phones are very good but this area of support is very poor. This is where the opposition such as HTC beat Sony hands down. Sony need to raise their game if they want to be the market leaders. You cannot abandon users like that with phones that are still being sold!