Could the X10 Mini get Android 2.3?

When Sony Ericsson announced that they had changed their plans for the Xperia X10 and that it would not be stuck on Android 2.1 but, would instead be upgraded to Android 2.3 during the end of Q2/start of Q3, this pleased many customers. However it still left some of Sony Ericsson’s customers rather angry, as while this was great news for owners of the Xperia X10, it was also announced that the X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and Xperia X8 were not part of these plans and would remain on Android 2.1 as previously stated.

When Sony Ericsson have been questioned about this, on both Facebook and Twitter, they’ve given the response that the update would not be coming to those handsets, the same response they gave users asking, or complaining about the X10 not being upgraded. Today however, the Sony Ericsson UK Facebook page team have provided a different answer, in fact different to what they said only yesterday. Instead of the usual, it’s not coming to the X10 Mini range or X8, the reply was that there are no confirmed dates at the moment but to keep checking the Sony Ericsson Product Blog, as any new announcements will be posted on there first. While it doesn’t specifically say an Android update, the reply is different to what we’ve seen before and looks very promising. Someone has already jumped on this answer and questioned it, as to whether there will be an official announcement following. Hopefully Sony Ericsson will provide a further Android update to the users who purchased the Mini versions of the X10 as well. Because while X10 owners are now happier, there are still many X10 Mini, Mini Pro and X8 owners very unhappy and this could change things around. However this pans out, we will keep you updated.