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There’s been quite a few price drops on Sony Ericsson handsets lately and here’s another one that’s just come through. While this handset isn’t new, it is refurbished and sold by a trustable UK online retailer. state that the refurbished handsets are units that have been returned under their 7 day returns policy and have been fully tested and inspected and also come with a full 12 month warranty.

Mobiles are selling refurbished Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini’s for £49.90 on O2, Vodafone and Orange. A £10 top up is required however, taking the overall price for £59.90 with free delivery. Which ever network you choose though, the phone will be unlocked.

The Xperia X10 Mini still retails for other £100 new at other retailers and even with a smaller screen size than the Xperia X8, which we’ve recently seen drop in price, the X10 Mini does have a substantially better camera. The X10 Mini is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and has flash.

This is last years X10 Mini model, so will not be updated past Android 2.1 which, should be on the phone already. The X10 Mini has removable back covers but, Mobiles say that refurbished handsets might not come with all the accessories, in this case the other replacement back covers. Replacement backs are available on eBay though so you can pick the color of your choice. Another thing to note about this handset, is unlike the other Xperia handsets and the majority of other phones on the market, the X10 Mini does not have a removable battery.


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Deal of the Day: Xperia X10 Mini Fri, 28 Oct 2011 19:51:11 +0000

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini may be last year’s phone but, it still remains a good choice for those looking for a budget range Android phone. The Xperia X10 Mini usually retails for £119 through O2 and other retailers but, a bargain has been spotted on Argos’ outlet store on eBay.

They are currently selling Xperia X10 Mini’s for just £79.99 with £3.99 postage. In comparison, Argos are selling sim free X10 Mini’s for £234.99. There are currently more than 10 available through the Argos eBay outlet store with 29 sold. How many more than 10 are available though is unknown so if this deal appears, you’d best be quick. They previously had Xperia X8 handsets on O2 for a reasonable £69.99, compared to the usual £99.99 price point but, quickly sold out and only had 16 units in stock.

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Vodafone AU to test 2.3 on X10 Mini Pro soon? Sat, 06 Aug 2011 16:55:13 +0000
According to a blog post over at Vodafone Australia, the company will begin testing Android 2.3 on the Xperia X10 Mini Pro in around 6 weeks time.

The blog post highlights questions about Android updates that they’ve been receiving regarding when updates will be released, what stage the updates are at and indicates what version of Android the various handsets are currently running and what the next update will be.

The blog post lists various handsets and two Sony Ericsson phones, the Xperia X10 and the X10 Mini Pro. The post says that the X10 is currently on 1.6 and that 2.3 is currently being tested and is due to be completed in about 2 weeks. When it comes to the X10 Mini though, the company say that the testing hasn’t been scheduled yet but, that they anticipate testing it in 6 weeks time.

Sony Ericsson have already said they will not be updating the X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro or X8. So either Vodafone Australia have got this wrong, or Sony Ericsson have done a u-turn on what they’ve previously said. Due to Sony Ericsson’s previous statements, either scenario could be likely as Sony Ericsson previously announced that those handsets along with the Xperia X10 would not be updated past Android 2.1 but, Sony Ericsson changed their mind with the X10 and said 2.3 would be released and was pushed out last week to handsets.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the Vodafone blog and Sony Ericsson blog to see if any thing is adjusted or any announcements are made. We at SE-Xperia hope that Vodafone are correct though.

Thanks Animtv source

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Rooted phones see restricted access on Android Market Mon, 23 May 2011 20:59:44 +0000
We’ve provided information on how to root the Xperia handsets here before and in the past rooting has always been for a positive reason. The main reason for rooting is that it allows you to remove preinstalled apps, either installed by Sony Ericsson such as Timescape, or network specific apps such as Vodafone’s 360 application. There are of course other positive reasons to root your handset and with Google Android being a pretty open OS, rooting hasn’t been much of a problem. That may change soon however.

Google have recently added a movie rental service to the Android Market but, those with rooted devices have received error messages and are not able to make use of this service. The reason behind denying access to rooted handsets is that they have the potential to bypass the content DRM. Now that Google have moved in this direction, music providers may also request this to happen for the Google Music service, which is currently in a beta phrase. While there are some apps which are made specifically for rooted handset, it may not be long until we see more services and applications that restrict access to handsets with root privileges.


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Xperia Mini and Mini Pro unveiled Fri, 20 May 2011 19:23:20 +0000
Sony Ericsson have announced that they are releasing two more handsets to the Xperia range in the coming months. This time we see a successor to the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. The new handsets are called Xperia Mini and Mini Pro. Hopefully the names of the new handsets won’t cause too much confusion between consumers and retailers when making a purchase.

As the name suggest, the Xperia Mini Pro like the X10 Mini Pro and Xperia Pro, will feature a QWERTY slide out keyboard to make messaging on the go even easier. Both the Xperia Mini and Mini Pro feature a larger screen by 0.45 inches, coming in at 3 inches. The extra space should also mean the keyboard is more comfortable to type with on the Mini Pro and on screen typing on both handsets should be easier. The four corner UI remains on the two new handsets but, has seen an improvement, where by the homescreen can now display up to 16 apps.

The camera on the handsets hasn’t been improved as such, it’s still a 5 megapixel camera. However the Xperia Mini and Mini Pro will support 720p video recording, which makes these two handsets the smallest HD video recording smartphones around. Sony Ericsson are launching the handsets with Android 2.3 and hopefully we should see timely updates from them this time around.

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