BackStab action game to launch exclusively on Xperia Play.

We already know that great games are coming to Sony Ericsson’s gaming phone, the Xperia Play. Some are old PSone games, some are multi platform games and some will be exclusive to the Xperia Play. One game will cover the latter two options.

Gameloft are to release an action packed adventure game, that will feature a free roaming 3D environment “old school 3D, not the fancy new stuff”. The game will launch exclusively on Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play and will be a Play exclusive for the first 30 days, before being released on other platforms.

BackStab is set on an 18th century Caribbean island and weaves an epic tale of revenge. Hero Henry Blake has been falsely accused of treason and will go to all means to seek vengeance on his British jailers. With a game play mixing action and adventure, BackStab incorporates an open 3D environment for free roaming, dynamic combat and counter-attacks.

Check out the screenshots of the game below.


  • kelly

    great news for mobile gamers! can someone compare the graphic to that of the iphone?

    • admin

      Hi Kelly, unfortunately there hasn’t been any comparisons between the two yet but, once there are you can be sure they’ll be posted here :).