AT&T X10 Android 2.1 release could be months away

Many people have been asking when the Android 2.1 update will be released for the American AT&T branded Xperia X10. Unfortunately, no date has been given, however Sony Ericsson have explained why the update has not been released.

The first reason, which some people have already concluded, is that because North America released the Xperia X10 months after many other countries, it’s most likely to be one of the last countries to also receive the Android 2.1 update. While logical in one sense, it seems illogical that Sony Ericsson would not have more people working on releasing the update for various countries. However Sony Ericsson have listed this as one of the reasons saying that “The Xperia™ X10 has been available in some countries since March 2010 and they are also the first to receive the update. The U.S. received the X10 in August 2010 and will receive the update after the initial countries.”

Another explanation behind the delay is with the carrier AT&T. As we’ve seen in other countries already, especially the UK, even though the generic update may be released relatively quickly, networks such as O2 have also had to approve the update, after adding in their own “bloatware” and such into the firmware. Unfortunately, this is also the case with AT&T, a lot of testing and validating needs to be performed before the update is released and in the US, testing is especially rigorous which, can take months to complete. This is why Sony Ericsson have not been able to release a date for the Android 2.1 update in America. Sony Ericsson have said on their Facebook page that “In the U.S., the testing process is especially rigorous, and can take months to complete, which is why we cannot announce the timing for availability of the X10 update in the U.S. It’s not that we don’t want to; it’s that the timing is undefined until such testing is completed.”


  • Wisenos

    here, in canada (Rogers) WE HAVE 2.1 :p

  • Wisenos

    since Nov 13th

  • asprague

    the assertion that the delay on AT&T side is due to “rigorous testing” is a load of bull. Fact is AT&T in NA already sell the Samsung Captivate and the X10 is now the 2nd high end Android phone so a tested configeration of 2.1 already exists sans the SE skins of time and media scape. Now with a new NA headquarters. in Atlanta,Georgia SE can’t afford to piss off the American consumer.

  • Mar

    Well, I’m pissed already. I just acquired this phone with a new 2 yr contract with AT&T, and have spent days trying to figure out why it would not update. It’s going back.

  • ratering

    I hope you never stop! This is possibly the best blogs Ive ever understand. Youve got some loony skill here, man. I just hope that you just dont lose your pattern because youre definitely among the coolest bloggers out presently there. Please keep it up given that the internet needs someone as you spreading the word.

  • Jignesh

    Hi I went to ATT store and New firmware will be in our hand in 2 weeks….
    I am so excited

    • Manny102

      FINALLY!!!!!! I have been waiting for so long.

    • Jeff

      Excellent! How did you hear this? So, end of January it will be available? Will we get a notification on our phone?

      • Jignesh

        They will notify by massage on phone.. also on website..

    • disapointed x10 owner

      So are you on AT&T cause i am and it is now Feb. 14th and no update, and phone will be discontinued in march. AT&T is now shoving them out the door as freebies w/ a new or upgrade account.

      • Mike

        AT&T customer – I’m still waiting too. And now AT&T has stopped selling the X10 (not on their website anymore…) so the chances of ever getting 2.1 are getting slimmer and slimmer…

  • gfa2

    Still waiting…

  • Half Fast

    I have been jerked around by AT$T for the last time. Empty promise that Xperia X10 firmware would be available in 2 weeks. Would have never entered contract if I knew them B@$t@rd$ would not honor their product. “It’s” a Brick in the US now. AT$T Just lost a family plan of (5) lines and a personal line for a total of (6) lines. Hope they choke on their greed.

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