Angry Birds released but faces issues on X10

After weeks of the Angry Birds Beta being out, Rovio have finally released the final version. The game was released on mobile downloads website GetJar by Rovio exclusively, before hitting the Android Market. During this time, GetJar have apparently accumulated around 7 million downloads on the game, which has caused disruption for the site, with many users getting “disconnected” issues and at one point the GetJar servers crashed.

The game officially supports Android 1.6, which should come as great news for Xperia X10 owners. The news isn’t so positive for X10 Mini users though, as the game doesn’t support QVGA resolutions yet. Rovio should release an updated version soon. It is currently free to download and is ad-supported. However Rovio will also be releasing a paid version, with no ads in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately though, while the game does work on Android 1.6 and the Beta versions worked on the Xperia X10, the full version gives X10 users a black screen, with just the music playing. Rovio are aware of this issue and are working on a fix, so we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer before we can play the full version. Xperia X10 owners aren’t the only users facing problems though, as other handsets also have the same problem, including the Nexus One.


  • x10fan

    something has an issue with the x10? thats a suprise isnt it lol

  • admin

    Yeah but, it’s not just the X10 this time lol. As I said, Nexus one users have had the same problem, among other handsets.

  • ahmad

    can’t wait to play this game at my X10 :(

  • Hugo

    It doesn’t work on my X10 mini neither. I read a comment on another blog, that it could have something to do with the resolution…

  • Twyloii

    this is only the Lite version but it works on the x10 force closes a few times but it does work.

  • Habbiton

    It doesn´t work on Samsung Galaxy i7500, i don’t know why
    The screen is black, i hear the music but… this phone has HVGA resolution, it would work, wouldn`t it?

  • admin

    Should yeah but, unfortunately doesn’t :(. From what I’ve read, there’s quite a few phones it doesn’t work on. I cant remember the full list but, obviously the X10 is one, and the Galaxy. The nexus one has the same problems, so presumably the HTC Desire does as well and I read the Dell Streak also had problems. And that’s just the ones I remembered. Whether the reason for it not working is the same on each handset though, I don’t know. But as I said, Rovio are aware of the issues and are working on fixing it :).

  • Matt

    Works fine on my HTC Desire 2.2.

    • admin

      Thanks for the heads up :). My partner said it would probably work on that, as “everything works on the Desire”. Guess it’s time for me to save my money up and buy one for her lol.

  • Danny

    Any news on a release date for x10 mini pro compatible version?

    • admin

      Not yet, no sorry.

  • Yessy

    Where can we find out the release date for x10 mini pro?

  • Danny

    Are we any closer to getting to a release date for the x10 mini pro compatible version??/

    • admin

      They’re working on it….

      Someone’s just posted though saying they’ve upgraded their X10 Mini to 2.1 and says Angry Birds works now, I don’t know if they mean generally on the X10, or if it works on the Mini now. I’ve asked though and will post back when I know :).

      • Danny

        Have to wait for the operator to release the update though don’t we? Can’t see how to upgrade until operator releases which knowing Virgin will be another 6months

        • admin

          Yeah, unfortunately. I believe the Nordic firmware “trick” or whatever you want to call it, also works for branded handsets. Or at least I’ve seen others successfully upgrade branded handsets.

  • warren

    Just did factory reset sony x10. Installed angry birds and it works great

    • admin

      Are you running Android 1.6 or 2.1 on your X10? Rovio have released an update today, which adds support for the X10 but, as my X10 has 2.1 I can’t see if this fixes the issue with X10s running 1.6 (as it works fine on X10s running 2.1).

  • warren

    Running 1.6. Initially had black screen issue but factory reset phone cos it wouldnt downoad from market now it works

  • warren

    dont hit your power button on x10. its the devil

  • rene

    even with version 2.1 angry birds has a major lack with the xperia mini pro.
    other people still having the same problems???

  • chris

    Angry birds works well on my x10.only problem i have with it is that i cant zoom out like on an iphone
    ,anyone else know about this?
    It would be great if during gameplay i could zoom out and see how i have to aim at the target

  • Kevin L

    Work great on my X10 Android 2.1 but I would like to be able to zoom out.

  • Jooykmh

    This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!hamanahamanahamanahamanahamanahamanahamana!!!!!!!!