Angry Birds now available for QVGA Android phones, including X10 Mini

Following on from the release of the full version of Angry Birds, Rovio have followed the release up with an update for the game. While the beta version of Angry Birds worked fine on the Xperia X10, the full version did not work at all on the Xperia X10, if you had 1.6 any way. Since updating the Xperia X10 to Android 2.1, Angry Birds has worked fine for myself and others. However the X10 Mini and Mini Pro were left out of the Angry Birds camp, as the game did not support QVGA devices.

The promised update has now been released though and brings support for handsets with QVGA screens, such as the X10 Mini, Mini Pro and Xperia X8. It appears to be slightly buggy at the moment though and perhaps wasn’t quite ready to be released to the public. If you can persevere through this though, the handset is capable of playing Angry Birds. There hasn’t been any word on whether this fixes the issues for X10 owners running Android 1.6 though and as I’ve updated to 2.1 here I’m not able to check. For those still with Android 1.6, let us know in the comments if this update also fixes the issues on the Xperia X10. The update also adds an extra 45 levels to the game, so even if it’s working for you, it’s definitely worth updating.


  • Cromin

    Angry Birds now works for 1.6 (I just downloaded it from android market)

    • Jeremy

      ^ Thanks!

  • gaya

    freeze at level 19 or 20 SE X8

  • gaya

    wait to smooth picture, does work, sometime freeze

  • gaya

    rom to small ?

  • Alexandre

    Confirm, Angry Birds work in Android 1.6, it only block when you leave it in pause mode and screen fade off. After unlocking you cant play or do anything.

  • Stefan

    I installed it on my Wildfire but the QVGA support doesn’t seem to be working.

  • UlleG

    x10 mini pro…runs as smooth as a cold beer down my throat ;-)

  • =NoXiouS=

    When you don’t properly exit the game or it gets interrupted by calls, the game locks up and has to be killed with a task killer. then it re-starts normally. Works great on my X10a running 1.6 and ads werwe intermittent today.

  • Darko

    Works okay on x10 pro mini, although very laggy with large levels especially when ads pop up. Also in game screen brightness isn’t at 100%.

  • Shorty

    It ALWAYS freezes on my X8. Sometimes I don’t even get passed the rovio launch screen. Please help :-(

  • heioo

    how do you guys download it to the mini pro? where??? heelp meee! need to play

    • admin

      Do you have 2.1 on your mini pro? Even though it works on 1.6, it doesnt show in the market :s, only if you have 2.1

  • bkbrwla10

    it works on my mytouch 3g 3.5mm jack, but the lag is rediculous i thought it was my phone buti hard reset it and everything and still lag is crazy!

  • Marios21

    Its beatifull game