Android Market updated to include Sony Ericsson apps on Xperia handsets

It appears that the Android Market has been updated on Xperia handsets which adds a link to Sony Ericsson apps. The update doesn’t actually appear to be a market update however, as there wasn’t a notification and uninstalling any Market updates, does not revert the Market to how it was.

The new market sees the “My App” icon replaced with a phone icon and the words Sony Ericsson. Clicking on this will show you various Sony Ericcson apps, like Xperia Hot Shots, or Timescape extensions and also apps supported by your handset, such as FourSquare, TweetDeck, SwiftKey Keyboard and many more. For those who use the my apps icon frequently, you will now need to press the menu icon and select “my apps” that way to view what you currently have downloaded on your handset.

This update has been seen on the Xperia Play, Xperia Arc and Xperia X10 in the UK. Let us know in the comments if you’ve also noticed this change on other handsets or other regions.

Update: Sony Ericsson have posted on their product blog to confirm the addition of the “Sony Ericsson Channel” within the Android Market, meaning it should appear on all Xperia handsets running Android in all regions. Thanks for the comments as well guys.


  • C

    add Xperia X10 Mini
    and Spain to the new look

  • Majid

    Yes, “Sony Ericsson” instead of “My Apps” on my Xperia X8… in Hong Kong

  • Maxdy

    Saw it today on my X10. Malaysia

  • admin

    Thanks for the feedback guys, just seen SE have now posted it on their product blog, so appears to be a worldwide thing :).

  • sasa

    Also on my X10. In Serbia

  • Nishid

    not on my X10 yet! UK
    Does it come automatically?

  • Admin

    Yeah it appeared automatically on mine Nishid.

  • Nishid

    would it only have applied to trade units and not units that are locked to a network like mine (T-Mobile) also not appeared on my wife’s Arc again locked to T-Mobile?

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