Android 2.1 made available to all X10i owners

Even though the Android 2.1 update has so far only been made available to X10 owners who have Norwegian handsets, or SEUS Pro account holders the folks over at XDA-Developers have found a way around this. In fact two ways around it have been found. Unfortunately neither method works for the Xperia X10a, so folks in Canada or America are out of luck for the time being. However if you have an X10i, there are two ways to get Android 2.1 quicker than what Sony Ericsson are releasing. The first method is to debrand your handset to Nordic firmware which involves flashing your phone. Complete instructions on how to do this can be found here. Once debranded, you can start SEUS up and it should then say you have an update and will proceed to install Android 2.1 on to your handset.

The second method may be slightly easier for some. You will however need to have a rooted handset. With one click root apps released for the Xperia X10, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Once rooted, you’ll need to download Root Explorer from the Android Market. Once installed you’ll need to edit some code within the system/default.prop file. Complete instructions can be found here. Likewise, once connected to SEUS it should now tell you that there is an update for the handset as this essentially installs the Nordic firmware on your phone. Depending on which region your handset currently is there may not be much of a difference, or there might be. Many users have expressed that there isn’t any difference between the Nordic firmware and the UK firmware.

If you do decide to go ahead with this, it’s very likely that this could void your warranty, so proceed with caution if you really can’t wait any longer for the Android 2.1 kit to be released for your handset.


  • sigmar

    hi..once you rooted your phone and downloaded succesfully the 2.1 update…do you have to unroot your phone or not??

    • admin

      Once upgraded to 2.1 the root will be gone. So you don’t need to unroot after. If you wanted to root again it is possible on 2.1 as well though :D.

  • sigmar

    ok but dont i need to edit my values back?because i edited my values so i can upgraded to 2.1(i have a dutch customized x10i)

    • Chacho

      Same here. I forgot to make a note of the UK values before upgrading. IF someone could post them before changing theirs, that would be really great.

      • admin

        UK values are “1235-7379″

    • admin

      From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem to matter, unless you then want the dutch 2.1 when it’s out. I’ve left mine as they are for now and havent rooted my X10 yet. I think I probably will when the UK version of 2.1 comes out though. As if you do it before, I dunno if PC companion/SEUS will try to downgrade it if you connect the phone to the computer – only some people’s theory, dunno for sure if it would do that or not.

  • Rohan

    Does anyone have the dutch digits because i already upgraded to nordic andriod 2.1 but ones Dutch version comes out i want to swap to dutch thanks in advance.

    • sigmar

      i wrote my dutch digist down before i changed them….here they are: 1234-8547

  • Rohan

    I made thread about the digits
    maybe you can get your digits from here

  • shrey

    i dont know when this android 2.1 is releasing for indian users
    plz tell me if anyone of u know about it

    • admin

      Sorry I’m not sure when it’ll be released in India but, we’ll keep you posted :).

      • huma

        how can i get sony ericsson pc suit

      • Pradeepkumar

        Hello, Is there any difference if we use UK even though we are in mid east or in india ??…What is the change…??

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  • Johan

    Updated to 2.1 (Nordic) – looking great! Love the Live Wallpapers now. Also noticed that the phone now seems to be unlocked! tried it with Orange, Voda and Tesco sim cards now.

    I would love it if they update to 2.2 though, my girlfriend just got the HTC Desire HD (2.2) and I just can’t believe the difference!

    I can just hope…

    • admin

      Oooh, unlocked. May be because of the Nordic firmware? Mine’s unbranded/unlocked anyway so I wouldn’t be able to find out if that’s the case but, as long as it works :D.

      My partner had the normal Desire, with 2.2 and I loved it :D. I really hope SE release 2.2 for the X10. I’m happy as is at the moment though, so no whinging from me lol.

  • Madhan


    I am using xperia x10 i and upgraded the version to android 2.1 and after that the assign contact pictures are not good, Its blurry, Can any one help..

    • admin

      I haven’t noticed any difference in quality sorry, I found the contact pictures to be slightly blurry anyway before. I also only had one contact picture and it looks the same to be. New contact pictures look a bit blurry but, I can’t compare them against what they would have been like on 1.6. I believe I’ve heard one other person say the contact pics were blurrier now though, I’ll see if I can dig that thread up and see what others said.

  • huma

    can i see live tv in x10i ,what to do for

  • huma

    i cant read e paper in hindi fount , what to do for

  • Sameer

    does this phone have a “MAC” version of PC companion as thats the computer i use, please let me know…thanks….

    • admin

      Unfortunately not, it’s only for PC and that goes for SEUS too. Which is ridiculous in my opinion. Do you know anyone with a Windows PC/laptop? That’s the only way to get Android 2.2 I’m afraid. I’ve heard some stores will also do it for you but, I’m not sure which stores sorry.

  • Kingsley

    Please how do i update my fone to this 2.1?

  • Kingsley

    How do i update my x10i to 2.1? please can someone help me?

  • Kingsley

    Its very bad one cant run a file like a yahoomessenger on x10i? i even had to go buy a blackberry phone just because i cant use my xperia to chat with friends online, thats sadden…i love xperia phone but its not giving me the whole pleasure i expected. please can someone talk to me about this?

  • ramyaj_23

    android 2.1 is already released in the phillippines??

  • http://androidmarket renan

    i have my xperia x10i my problem is i can’t access the android market because in my account using my google my device is not found, is this device software and application were already been out or released here in saudi arabia?please do help me….
    and one more question, i used internet thru wifi and i was already connected the problem is it’s asking to log in thru dsldevice speedtouch and it’s asking about the username and the passwords as well.
    please i need your help to solve this problem regarding the new android users…….

  • shiv

    I could not open android market on sony ericson xperia x 10i.please help