Android 2.1 for Xperia X10 handsets finally released in the UK

It took longer than anticipated but, the Android 2.1 update has finally been released by Sony Ericsson for the Xperia X10 in the UK. This comes five days after the update was initially released for the Nordic market. The feature set remains the same.

The update is of course however, just for generic/unbranded handsets at this time. If your handset is branded to a specific network, you’ll have to wait until the network is ready to release the update, which can vary network to network. Also the update is only being rolled out for the Xperia X10 at the moment, with the Xperia X10 Mini and Mini Pro following very shortly.


  • Jonas

    Noooo! so now we have to wait for Three to get in gear and release it? :( thats NOT going to be quick is it………

    • admin

      Probably quicker than O2 though but, unfortunately I haven’t heard of a date for the release from Three.

  • Cromin

    I was told by a 3 rep that their phones were unbranded! Wont make that mistake again

    • admin

      I’ve never seen an unbranded Three phone :s. O2 yes, well in the past but, not now :(. But, always saw Three branded handsets

  • bob

    Try being on o2. If I use the Nordic way will I get 2.1 or will there be any issues?

    • admin

      There shouldn’t be no. I’ve seen, or heard anyway, of others successfully upgrading their branded handsets to Android 2.1 by using the Nordic method.

  • Raskaroth

    Just a question how to find out whether your phone IS branded?
    It doesn’t show any signs of being branded yet I can’t update it…?

  • CharlO

    France Generik 2.1 yeeeeees
    It doesn’t show up in SEUS nor in PC companion
    Just have to ask for a repair and there it goes…2.1 !!!!!!

    • admin

      How strange. I’ve heard some others say the same as well when the update was initially released. Raskaroth, I would try that as installing 2.1 will clear all settings anyway. If you don’t have any network specific apps (eg Vodaphone =360, Three=Planet3, Orange=OrangeWorld etc), then it’s possible it’s not a branded handset.

      • Raskaroth

        Hmm well I just found 1 application, which is called Ideas. I think this program is linked to Singtel..
        So guess I’ll have to wait

        I tried updating and repairing the phone, but I only ended up with a faster phone but still running 1.6 :(

        • Raskaroth

          I do live in UK just got the phone from a friend who didn’t want it (since he isn’t that technical and happy with his old phone).. he lived in Singapore. but since the phone was simlock free I thought it wouldn’t be linked.

          anyway to (legally) change the phone to UK or something?
          would it be legal to root it -> update it. since after the update it wouldn’t be rooted anymore?

          • admin

            Whether it’s branded or not, it will be a Singapore handset, so you’ll have to wait until the 2.1 update is released for Singapore/Singtel.

            While rooting can void your warranty I don’t think it’s classed as illegal. At least, not in the UK anyway. I’d suggest either rooting it, or reflashing it to either Nordic firmware, or UK generic firmware and then updating to Android 2.1. After the update, no it wont be rooted any more but, 2.1 on the X10 can be rooted as well if you wanted it rooted :).

      • steve

        2.1 will be available from week commencing 15/11/2010 on 02-uk handsets was emailed back by ronan dunne 02 ceo and 02s twitter confirmed the date on twitter 2 days after

        • admin

          cool :). is it available to download yet? became available on orange today.

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  • Chris

    my x10 is from 3 in uk. it is still running 1.6. when do i update to 2.1??

    • Sanjay

      Finally, My x10 mini with 3, recognises an update to Android 2.1. Need to try and update it today through a PC!

      • Chris

        how to update to 2.1??

        • admin

          Chris, download PC Companion or Sony Ericsson Update Service, you can (or rather have to) update with one of those two. A few others have confirmed Three have released the update today, so you should be good to go :).

          • Chris

            i tried to update, but it still running 1.6

      • admin

        Awesome! Glad Three have got their finger out!

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  • cstevens

    im having some trouble maybe you guys know why it’s doing this…but i have an unbranded x10 that’s telling me i can get the update …starts the update but says it can’t finish…any ideas?

  • krichest

    I’ve updated my branded (Three) unlocked (O2 sim) mini pro today.
    However iv now got no signal and cannot make or receive calls.”Not registered on network” error comes up.
    Can you tell me proble-network not compatible with update or phone are locking to three network again